Stunning & Heart-Breaking… James Olley × Big Trubble's "Young Girl: The Phone Call" Resin Sculpture!

It can happen at any moment. A phone call can change your life. When news of a loved one’s death reaches you[,] the feelings of utter despair and disbelief are overwhelming. This piece attempts to embody that feeling by showing a visual representation of the emotional meltdown that occurs when faced with such an extreme situation.
A truly apt description of what is portrayed, this resin sculptural work is the first collaboration between Big Trubble and artist James Olley. Tentatively titled "Young Girl: The Phone Call," the piece is inspired by the look and feel of several of Olley's painting (especially circa 2010), having been actually sculpted by Big Trubble's Laird Henderson from a design by Olley. The fantastic 7-inch tall figure is the hand-painted by Olley using a drip technique, which results in each piece being unique and individual… With an edition size to be determined, currently expected to be 5, we hope that this won't be the only time this two creative talents collaborate!

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