Tributes to Joy Division and The Misfits from Infinite Rabbits in the form of custom Kidrobot 'Bots!

Nowadays it's probably cool to wear t-shirts with the iconic Peter Saville designed cover to Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures or the visage The Misfits's Crimson Ghost 'inspired' mascot, but back when I went to school these were not popular things… in fact, wearing them guaranteed that you were pretty much an outcast and treated accordingly.

I don't know if Thomas from Infinite Rabbits had similar experiences to me, or if he was born a little later and experienced the 'popularity of punk,' but he delivers fantastic tributes to that time… a duo of one-of-a-kind 3-inch Kidrobot 'Bots, each decked out with a different classic album cover… the aptly named "Kid Pleasure" and "Kid Misfit." Both are available now in the Infinite Rabbits online shop for only $60 apiece.

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