SoKo Cat's new hand-painted customs from the minds of Peter Kato, Paul Shih & Rotten Daughter!

SoKo Cat is back, customizing a variety of pieces from the minds of three toy creators… Pictured above, she tackled Peter Kato's 3-inch and 2½-inch "Bedtime Bunnies," making only one matching hand-painted version of this "Summertime Colorway" in each size, which are $35 for the Small one and $45 for the Medium! Then there's "Rusty Bot," a converted version of Rotten Daughter’s otherwise unspoiled, well-oiled machine into the rusty robot you see pictured below on the left! And finally she transformed Paul Shih's stunning 6-inch tall "Bevil" figure, pictured below right, from being a simply devilish broccoli into a rather confounded but delightful broccoli & cauliflower hybrid known as…  "Broccoflower!" The latter two releases are $60 apiece, joined by the "Bedtime Bunnies," and are available now in SoKo Cat's online shop.

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