He's kinda a pudgy Iron Man… The debut of fplus's "Plasmos Battler" at Clutter's Custom Show!

Above is the revealed sculpt of Josh "fplus" Pearce's newest resin cast figure, the "Plasmos Battler!" Insanely sculpted, this piece looks a tad like a "What if…?" scenario involving Iron Man; like What if… ol' helmethead had a mucky head instead… and put on a bunch of weight… and, well, you get the idea! It's mainly that third arm — in the traditional Iron Man blaster pose — that sells me on the comic book character influence, but it's always cool to see a magnetically interchangeable extra appendage with a piece regardless! Making its debut at the upcoming "Clutter's Custom Show" at The Clutter Gallery, we're told that the versions appearing in the exhibit will be "extra heroic ones." Want to be one of the first to own these surely stunning pieces? Then we strongly encourage you to join the Clutter Gallery Preview List, which gives it's members first chances to buy pieces online.

"Clutter's Custom Show," a group custom exhibition, will open on Saturday, July 12th with a reception from 6-9PM local time and be on display until August 1st, 2014 at The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508.
Participating artists include: Alarment, Brutherford, Carson Catlin, ClarkR, DaveMarkArt, DeeTen, Deth Becomes You, DuBoseArt, EECHone, Emilio Garcia, fplus, George Gaspar, Gerard MDS, Hugh Rose, Ian Ziobrowski, Infinite Rabbits, iRoc, Joe Scarano, Josh Mayhem, Klav, Lisa Rae Hansen, MaloApril, Mike Fudge, Mostly Harmless, Nerviswrek, PJ Constable, Rotobox, rxSEVEN, Smeagol Does Art, Tamara Petrosino, Teddyman, and VISEone.

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