Taylored Curiosities × Sergey Safonov's "Moon Seedlings" porcelain & wool collaboration!

Let's face reality: we can extol the artistic virtues of vinyl and resin until we're blue in the face, but if you really want something to scream fine art… you can it in porcelain. England-based artist Penny Taylor (of Taylored Curiosities) has recently had a chance to see her creation — the Seedlings — remade in in such a fashion. Collaborating with Russian artist Sergey Safonov, their minimalist styles mesh perfectly creating the "Moon Seedling," two Seedlings — a 2-inch tall big one and a 1-inch tall small one — figures cast in beautifully textured porcelain and completed with woolen sprouts and removable felt scarves. And, of course, these adorable creatures are taking a journey in the Moon Fox's dream boat! Limited to an edition of 10 pieces, 5 with red scarves and 5 with blue, each signed & numbered, are available now in the Taylored Curiosities web store for £50 (approx. $85) per set.

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