GRAB 'EM… NOW! Lisa Rae Hansen's "Way Cool Junior Society" figures, "Yo! Boombox!" & "Drippz!"

Lisa Rae Hansen proudly unveils a fresh array of resin figures to keep her faithful followers fulfilled… Pictured above are the "Way Cool Junior Society" series figures of "Junior" and "BadBoy Destroy," both of which are 4-inch tall pieces that have been limited to an edition of 5 signed copies for $40 apiece. Then, pictured below left, we have the only pieces remaining from her previously announced ToyConUK exclusives: the 4-inch tall "Yo! Boombox" figures, available in editions of 2 copies for each of the five colorways at a price of $33 apiece. And, finally, the 3-inch tall "Drippz" resin heads, which are available in four different color editions for $33 apiece. All of these are available right now in Hansen's online shop!

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