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Enjoy the Adorableness… Dolly Oblong's "Archie" & "Noodles" Resin Figures!

The truly adorable work of Dolly Oblong is released anew with the 3-inch tall "Archie" resin figure, pictured above. We're told that this cute creature "loves 3D films, so much so he eats popcorn for breakfast and wears his 3D glasses day and night!" Coming with a popcorn bucket keychain, these curious fellows are limited to an edition of only 12 pieces worldwide! But "Archie" isn't the only fellow to keep an eye out for… After making his debut at ToyConUK, there is also the below pictured "Noodles," the champion noodles chef and connoisseur! This happy sumo wrestler comes with a screenprinted hachimaki (headband) and is packaged in his own takeaway box, limited to an edition of only 15 pieces. Both of these fantastic works will be available today (Thursday, April 17th, 2014) at 11AM Pacific time in Oblong's online shop for €45 (approx. $62) each.

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