Inkbotz Studio has some amazing Adidas inspired custom Dunnys, Labbits & Munnys for you sneaker freaks!

The more simple & minimalist a piece of art is, the more exact & precise it must be… an artist can hide all sorts of imperfections in something rife with sculpting and complex paints, but something extraordinarily simple looking must be done with true perfection. Which is what makes the work of Inkbotz Studio's Rhys Brown all the more impressive… it is both brilliant & minimalistic, impressive and perfect. As you might expect, he's been honing his craft for several years now, developing the perfect method to transform vinyl figures into Adidas branded works of art with intricate lace work running through them. As you can see above, he's tackled an array of pieces in this magnificent style, some of which are still available. Art collectors interested in obtaining one of his unique works, please contact him directly at afcmarkbrown [at] aol [dot] co [dot] uk.

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