Mondo goes Looney Toons with Daffy Duck in "Duck Amuck" & Porky Pig in "Scaredy Cat" Poster Prints!

Returning to the nostalgic days of Looney Toons and Merrie Melodies, Mondo prepare to unleash two 18"×24" screen prints inspired by classic cartoons: "Duck Amuck," above left, and "Scaredy Cat," above right. "Duck Amuck" (1953), a rather surreal Daffy Duck 'versus' Bugs Bunny piece, revels in its weirdness, as shown in the poster print by Tiny Kitten Teeth, which is limited to an edition of 175 hand-numbered copies. "Scaredy Cat" (1948), one of the Porky Pig and Sylvester the cat pairings with a haunted theme, had its Mondo poster designed by JJ Harrison and is limited to an edition of 200 hand-numbered pieces. Both prints will be available at some point today (January 30th, 2014) and cost only $40 apiece, though you'll need to follow Mondo's Twitter feed to be informed when they are available in their web shop!

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