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PlaSeeBo × Sucklord's "Anthropomorphic Cyborg Muscle-Man" figure for DesignerCon 2013's "Super Suck-Up 2"!!!

American kaiju artist Bob Conge, better known as PlaSeeBo, has created the "Anthropomorphic Cyborg Muscle-Man" figure out of Sucklord's classic action figure form for this year's previously announced "Super Suck-Up 2!" We have it under good authority (it's right on the backing card's front) that this is "not at all covert gay porn," though with the figure's 'real name' being "Carmen Nippleneck"… well… he should be in porn of some sort! These completely hand-crafted beauties are set to debut at DesignerCon 2013 and, if these are at all similar to the first year's offerings, they will be limited to 50 pieces total and cost only $100 per figure on specially designed backing boards (pictured below).

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