Vicious Plush wants to create bloody and ghoulish plush critters just for YOU!

Vicious Plush would like to introduce you to their brand new plush toy line, which includes Tear Bear, BaBOO! and Hissy Puss (pictured below, left to right), each of which comes with glow-in-the-dark eyes and the former two of which have bloody variant options! Trying to be funded on Kickstarter right now, these adorably disturbing creatures are approximately a full foot tall and cost $35 apiece.

Through their Kickstarter campaign you can also snag a three foot tall (!!!) version of Tear Bear for $120 or design your very own Vicious Plush to be custom made for $1000. If they can make enough money, they even have their next two designs — a wolf and a gator — ready in the wings to be produced. So check out their Kickstarter campaign and support a spooky good time!

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