"Battle-Damaged" Keiko Trooper a Mintyfresh exclusive figure by Fools Paradise!!!

 photo mintyfresh-battledamaged.jpg
Keiko is back from a long long journey in a galaxy far away and she's seen things she can't speak off. Her stance, scars and bloody paws tell us she's been through hell for the empire. Keiko is available now, but handle at own risk! Since late 2011 the folks over at Mintyfresh fell in love with the art of Alan NG a.k.a. Fools Paradise. After filling their own collection with his figures they decided that they needed to work together some day... and now they are proud to present to you the Mintyfresh exclusive "Battle-Damaged" Keiko Trooper limited to only 200 pieces worldwide! The Mintyfresh Exclusive Battle-Damaged Keiko is the 6th version in the Keiko series. Keiko stands a massive 12” tall, comes completely custom painted and "battle-damaged"! Fools Paradise is not sending in an order to a factory to have them mass produced - these are hand crafted in polystone resin and hand-painted by the people of Fools paradise so each Keiko can be slightly different. Oh, and if you are not sure what this figure looks like... hit the jump for the full (NSFW) image! It's a rad looking figure... so head on over HERE now to secure your own today!
 photo battledamaged-fullreveal.jpg

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