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Chuckboy's infamous Dunny remade by Reet Neet into "Captain Atmos Dempsy!"

Embracing the already prevalent Steampunk aesthetic on the wonderful crafted Chuckboy 3-inch production Dunny, the above pictured "Captain Atmos Dempsy" has been customized by Reet Neet (R3) of Dunny Addicts. By sculpting more of a skin over metal feel to the piece, as well as the second eyepiece, this shifts from being a more traditional cyborg to something akin to The Terminator, a metal beast covered in a flesh disguise. But, as opposed to the homicidal robot from those films, this one looks — to me — like he'd be more appropriately placed gently steering a flying ship in some fantastical future. While this piece has already been sold, you can contact the artist directly at ReetNeetR3 [at] gmail [dot] com to commission a work for yourself.

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