Necro Monkey's "Gasmen" blind boxed custom Micro Munny series!

Necro Monkey has created a series of four custom Micro Munny figures, each altered with clay and bits of hardware store finds, to become "Gasmen." These mask wearing creations are each painted with acrylics, ink washed, and have a smidgeon of glow-in-the-dark spray for finishing. According to the artist, these figure's backstory is:
The gasmen are an odd bunch that work glow fields, but don’t let the name fool you. The glow fields are actually clouded with midnight black smoke and ash that spews from vents in the ground. The black ash covers everything which is why gasmen are always dirty and many chose to shave off their hair, but in that smoke and ash is the glow which becomes “condense”. The gasmen harvest the ash and smoke from the glow fields and, through a process they keep hidden, produce “condense”. This fluid is greenish yellow and uses are still being discovered for the stuff from lighting to power to even the common belief of medicinal. What is known is that long time exposure in the glow fields does tend to cause gasmen and their equipment to glow in the dark a little whether that is bad or not is still unknown.
Each of these pieces will be sold blind box style, packaged in a little wooden box, and come with a bottle of "condense" as well as an extra treat. Available on August 24th, 2013 at 10AM Pacific time in Necro Monkey's online store for $50 apiece.

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