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Flawtoys custom "Blood Eyen" Dunny…

I'm at a bit of loss for words. The exact same Flawtoys that had previously made the "War Falcon" custom 3-inch Dunny (seen HERE) has created this "Blood Eyen" piece, made under his proclamation that over "the next couple of weeks I am trying to release a 3" dunny every week." Lacking his sculpting magic, the block color technique he uses gives this piece no depth and even the line work seems shockingly uneven, though the simple splatter effect came out quite solid. This piece will be available in the Flawtoys online store on Thursday, May 9th, 2013 at 2:59PM Pacific time for $65, which seems unreasonably high when compared to the price he asks for his more polished, sculpted work.

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