Sergio Mancini's "Wolflord" custom of Freak Store's Fonzo for UK Show!

By all logic, Sergio Mancini's custom 6-inch tall Freak Store "Fonzo" figure should lack dimension, since it uses flat blocks of color… but, somehow, he's used the diversity of the color palate and the crispness of his line work to cohesively craft a unique textile tangibility out of the piece of vinyl. Maybe it is the inclusion of the pipe that gives depth to this piece for the previously announced "Fonzo Loves the UK" group show, but — whatever the reason — it completely and absolutely works. Entitled "Wolflord," this magnificent work shows a rather dapperly dressed wolf, given his own personality with the simple inclusion of a winking eye and three spots on his nose. Using wonderful complex layering masked as a minimalist design, Mancini — as always — is one to watch.

"Fonzo Loves the UK" will open on May 11th at the Sho Gallery, 1A Inverness Place, The Coach House, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 4RU.
Participating artists include: ArtmyMind, The Beast Brothers, Burundanga Design, Camilla D'Errico, Charles Rodríguez, Chauskoskis, Daniel Fleres, David Bishop (RunDMB), Doubleparlour, DrilOne, Gabriel Carpio, GerardMDS, Hugh Rose, Jeremiah Ketner, MAp-MAp, Mr. Mitote, Nakanari, Otto Björnik, Rsinart, Scott Tolleson, Sergio Mancini, 64 Colors, Squink, Stu Witter, Touma, and UME Toys.

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