Blurble's "Sparrow" is the Weekly World News's Bat Boy all grown up… sorta!

Arguably the most iconic and memorable piece of tabloid journalist, "Bat Boy Found In Cave" immediately invokes the infamous cover article from Weekly World News in most people's minds (though the actual title was "Bat Child Found In Cave," I believe). Since then, in those tabloid pages, the infamous WWN creation has gone on to lead police in a high-speed chase, fight in the war on terror, help capture Saddam Hussein, bite Santa Claus, and travel into good ol' outer space. But, what if, life had turned out differently for Bat Boy? What if he had grown up to become a relatively well-adjusted teenager? Meet Blurble's brand new character, "Sparrow":
Sparrow is a dreamer, free thinker, artist and lover of food! In the early morning he can be seen riding his skateboard through the streets. In the afternoon he can be found munching on a breakfast burrito and then taken a siesta in the park. And when the sun goes down and the stars come out he can be seen roaming the train yard drawing his moniker on the sides of the trains. This is the life of Sparrow. Will you join him in his adventures?
We're waiting with baited breathe to discover what this 3-inch character prototype — sculpted by Josh Sutton at ERA Sculpture — is for, vinyl or resin production? Either way, the removable hat and skateboard (doubles as a fingerboard!) accessories area brilliant touch. We've been promised that release information is "coming soon"… but we fear it isn't soon enough for our tastes! We want our Sparrow now!

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