Quiccs's "Bulletpunk: Big Brother Stormtrooper" custom Star Wars-inspired Dunny!

Philippines-based artist Quiccs, who is also the newest member of the Red Mutuca collective, reveals to us this wonderful "Bulletpunk: Big Brother Stormtrooper Dunny," part of an artist series of pieces he's crafting inspired by characters from The Galactic Empire of Star Wars. As you can see, this 8-inch tall custom is done in the likeness of a 3-inch custom Quiccs created, though he added more of his Bulletpunk style — notably the Gundam-ish horns and the top vent — to the design. While I personally prefer the subtle skull & crossbones element on the smaller rendition, there's no denying the talent in making either one… let alone both! Fantastic!

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