RxSeven's phenomenal custom MAD*L as a Dunny display device!

Customizer RxSeven continues to astound with his talent for creating, crafting, sculpting, and painting vinyl figures into something wholly new and unique… Take, for example, his new 10-inch tall MAD*L figure named "Deadwood," a functional treehouse of sorts that doubles as a magnificent display case for your Dunny figures. Perfectly realized in both form and function, this piece might allude to the death in it's title with it's skull-like visage, but the natural nature of it as well as the homey interior override any sense of doom and gloom. And not only is this piece available (for the extremely reasonable $200), but those custom 3-inch owl-esqe Dunnys displayed within it — named Nowlcturnals — are also available for only $55 each. All these pieces are available now in his online shop, so snap to it people!

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