A Little Stranger's "Usagi Space Bunny" is the most adorable thing… EVER!

Holly "A Little Stranger" Stanway continues to bring joy and merriment to all… as if continuing to craft her entire Cavey line — as well as the occasional Coney — wasn't enough, she's now created an entire new universe, inhabited by "Usagi Space Bunny" and his cousins. But who is Usagi? According to his bio, "I am a dust bunny, made from fluff that got collected on the moon. I floated down to Earth, following the stars, to learn all about your beautiful planet." And learn he did, for Stanway has created various social media outlets to let Usagi give you daily fun facts! It could just be me, but I can easily see Usagi and his cousins as wonderful plush creations, each accompanied by their own fact cards… like a huggable version of a fortune cookie! Follow the adventures of Usagi Space Bunny on his website, his Facebook, his Instagram, his Tumblr, and/or his Twitter!

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