Squink's initial "The Dreamer" original resin figure release on Friday!

People have been going crazy over the simply stunning original resin figure that Squink has created and dubbed "The Dreamer," though the joy quickly turned to fear as it was announced that only 30 copies of the design would be made in total. Squink has been kind enough to give a rough breakdown of the where and how these will be dropping, so that people can prepare: the first five (pictured herein) will be available this Friday online and will be followed by another five released blind box style online, then none will be released until ToyCon UK in April (which will get 10 copies) and that will be followed be another 5 online. Huh? That only adds up to 25 copies… we're told that the remaining 5 are for something special in May.

So this Friday, February 1st, 2013 will see the release of these five hand-painted "The Dreamer" figures: two Sea Shadow (above left), one Cobalt (above right, previously seen HERE), one Titanium Gold (below left) and one glow-in-the-dark Antique Glow (below right, previously seen HERE). These are the complete runs of each version, so no more copies of these exact painted figures will be offered again. While we don't know the exact time these pieces will appear in his online shop, they will be £50 (approx. $78.50) apiece.

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