Ardabus Rubber's custom "Fluxopath" Dunny series... is seriously stunning!!!

Woah!!! How cool are these custom Dunny's by Ardabus Rubber... and I have got to point out that the original Dunny designed by Chris Ryniak is a perfect fit for Ardabus' surreal, Dali like, painting application... so melty, so good!!! These awesome custom Dunny's dubbed the "Fluxopaths" are all different and painted with acrylics, then they are coated with a UV resistant matte finish to give it that final touch. They will be up for grabs on February 1st at 10am PST via Ardabus' online store HERE for $90 a pop, and you have the option of adding a custom wooden windowbox for $25 more. There are 12 of these Dunny's, only 8 have been revealed so far... and all 8 are epic! I love how the base design work so perfectly with Ardabus' painting style... so cool!

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