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messymedia's "Sir Inkwell (The Gentleman Squid)" custom Android!

Adam "messymedia" Whitnall has been slowly building up his prowess as a customizer, honing his skills at sculpting and painting until he was satisfied… then he waited for the rest of the world to catch up. Why we don't all know who this guy is confuses me, because that beautifully sculpted squid — "Sir Inkwell (The Gentleman Squid)" — started out life as a 3-inch Android figure!?! Thankfully someone saw Whitnall's skill before us, for they are the one who commissioned the above piece and gave the artist free reign to do as he wished. The Super Sculpey re-designed figure looks absolutely stunning… I'd jump on the wagon and buy his stuff now, before it's too late! Those interested in procuring a commission of their own can contact Whitnall through his website.

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