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"Sky Blue Mechanics" Sprogs from Cris Rose

Previously teased HERE, Cris Rose has just announced that this brand new line of his masterfully crafted resin Sprogs will be up for grabs... to his newsletter subscribers RIGHT NOW! "Radcliffe" is a member of Cris' "Sky Blue Mechanic" series of 5 resin robos and each figure sports a seriously impressive 9" wide wingspan... and check out that extremely cool weathered paint application!
Designed, not for flying, but for gliding, these service bots perform all the tasks of a regular Radcliffe, but in specialized situations at height. Without their own propulsion, the Sky Blue Mechanics are dropped off at their lofty working place - should they then fall, or when they finish their task, they glide down safely and are usually caught by a Rostrum, like a big paper plane! The system was developed as a snap-on wing system after previous parachute setups failed - sometimes from lack of control, lack of suitable height or from the Sprog simple failing to deploy it!  While tricky to turn around in, it's always-on nature sure saves a fair future terminal velocity meetings with terrafirma.
Knowing Cris, he always has something up his sleeve... and for this release, the 5th Radcliffe... well, it's not really isn't a Radcliffe at all, as Cris' "Raymond" figure is the 5th character in this bunch and is a 1/1 chase! It's total luck who gets this one... ohhhhhh! Alas, these figures went for $100 each… past tense. Yes, Cris' newsletter subscribers snagged up the whole lot... so there were no leftovers to make their way into his store! So if you are not already a subscriber, then I'd get on that so you don't miss out in the future, though Cris mentions these may be the only Sprogs that he makes with wings!

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