Alarment's WIP "Creatures & Companions" blind boxed custom series!

Alarment has been working on a new blind boxed custom series to unleash on the unsuspecting masses: "Creatures & Companions." Limited to only 11 boxes, each one will contain one "Creature" (above) and one "Companion" (below). The "Creatures" are all 3-inch Dunnys and the "Companions" are 7 customized Funkeys and 4 completely original sculpts. Plus, two lucky buyers will also receive a Golden Ticket, entitling them to either a customized 2.5-inch Qee or a 4-inch Mini Munny (both pictured above also). Wow! What an amazing chance to win, win, win! And, as always, Alarment's sculpting is spot on… just look at those insane things he's built!

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