MAD's "Jade" Mini MAD*L set to be released today?!?

When we first peeked at the new "Jade" Mini MAD*L, straight from the cured resin pour pull, it looked a little weird… But with a little tender lovin' from Jeremy "MAD" Madl himself, it looks stunningly perfect! And, as you might've guessed from the above, Madl has given a "head's up" that it will release soon, perhaps even today. While there is no official word, we expect these to — like the previous versions — be limited to only 20 copies with a price point of $50, the 3" resin figure coming in a gift box with a signed & numbered certificate of authenticity. To be kept appraised of when this drops, we encourage everyone to follow Madl's artist and platform Twitter feeds for updated information. Alternatively, of course, you can just head over to his shop and keep hitting refresh, hoping you'll luck out…

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