"Suspended Animation" new works by J.Shea

Artist J.Shea continues to impress the heck outta me with his whimsical creations, and he just dropped us a line to let everyone know that he is having an exhibit at the Ayden Gallery in downtown Vancouver, B.C. titled "Suspended Animation"... and what a perfect title for the show... seeing as all of his pieces exemplify just that! The found object, mixed media, sculptural creations really take my imagination into a whole new realm... and I can just imagine all of these figures living in a world together! Who want's to make a stop-motion film with them, that would be fantastic! Alright.. enough fantasizing :-) The opening is tomorrow Friday, Sept. 7th 2012 and along with his work, artists Emi Kanomata, Tim Karpinski and Taka Sudo will have pieces on display as well! Be sure to swing on over to check these pieces out in person!

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