Ghetto Axe's "Venom Dunny" is 8-inches of Spider-Man hating symbiote!

Ignore the fact that Venom was a weak element of the third Sam Raimi Spider-Man film and remember that he was the original bad-ass symbiote of the comics… Yes, people loved him! Made out of amorphous goo, the character had a tendency to try and eat people's brains with that excessively long tongue. Customizer Ghetto Axe captured the spirit of that original character perfectly, using an 8-inch Grave Robber Dunny as his base. Is this figure perfect? No. The kit-bashed hands could be a little cleaner in their attachment and the eyes could've used a crisper painting. But, overall, this is a great looking custom… especially considering it is in Ghetto Axe's online shop for only $150. Yes, you read that right: a custom, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted 8-inch Dunny for only $150! Swing into action, True Believers!

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