Surprise! Very last chance to get amazing Most Wanted Series 3 customs!

The Most Wanted "crew" consists of some of the, um, well, most wanted customizers out there today: Chauskoskis, Dr. Befa, Eric Pause / Pause Designs, Frank Mysterio, Gomi, Grimsheep, Igor Ventura, Kevin Gosselin, Luihz Unreal, MAp-MAp, Matucha, NEVERCREW, Nikejerk, RunDMB, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Sergio Mancini, and Tim Munz. And their Most Wanted pieces are some of the most affordably priced customs you're likely to see from this heavy hitters… So to learn that Most Wanted itself has two remaining blind boxes from Series 3 — which sold out in less than a minute, I believe — is amazing; two blind boxes that are being put up for auction. You can find out all the details HERE, but do so quick… bidding ends at 12 Midnight on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012.

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