Sucklord's "The Super Suck Up!" figures by Ferg, Paul Kaiju, DrilOne & Onell Design!

As we previously announced, this year's Designer Con will be suckier than ever… because The Sucklord is taking over! And the most exciting tidbit was that a bevy of talented artists would be customizing 50 copies each of The Sucklord action figure, which will be sold at the convention for $100 apiece. Pictured above are two of the currently completed designs: on the left, DrilOne's "G.I. Gaslord, Leader of the Sewers" figure and, on the right, Matt "Onell Design" Doughty's take on the iconic form.
Then we have some great looking work-in-progress packaging art by Ferg for his "Zorcho, the Burner" piece, which appears that it will give the Sucklord figure a Bud head and 'roach clip' arm.
And, as a final teaser, some of Paul Kaiju's art for the backing board of his figure. I'll be honest, I hope his comes with a mini meat grinder and tiny Gay Empire figures… but I have a feeling that that'd be asking a bit too much of the man…

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