Resin Is King by Tenacious Toys & Dead Hand Toys with Argonaut Resin, JC Rivera, Motorbot, UME Toys & more!

Following up the fantastic first series release, Tenacious Toys and Dead Hand Toys have announced "Resin Is King: Series 2." Like the first, it will be a blind-boxed resin figure series that includes pieces by a total of 16 artists! All the contributors to the first series will be included, meaning pieces by Motorbot, Jay222, Matt A*, Brian "LYS0L" Ahlbeck, Dave Bondi, Rich Page/UME Toys, and Bad Applez Inc. Added to that will be contributions by Argonaut Resin, The Jelly Empire, Kris Duffer of Kid Ink Industries, Forces of Dorkness, JC Rivera, and Vanessa Ramirez. So who will the final three artists be? The series is set to be released on October 10th and will include a Golden Ticket!

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