Man Or Monster?'s "Warlords of Wor!" action figure series coming soon!

Inspired by the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe figures of yore, Brandon Michael Barker — also known as Man Or Monster? Studios — has undertaken the task of making his own universe of action figures. Entitled the "Warlords of Wor!" series, the base prototype (above right) is certainly derived from the Masters of the Universe 'mold' while remaining somewhat different and creative. Barker has a full first wave of figures planned, with each 5.5-inch tall figure having 10 points of articulation and 11 fully interchangeable magnetic components, meaning you can mix-and-match various figures in the series to create new characters all your own! Each figure in Wave 1 will come packaged in a baggie with signed & numbered header card along with one accessory and a piece of a "Build-A-Figure" bonus.

Wave 1 will consist of: Bog-Nar (pictured above left with his Tekno-Shears and Vine Arm, September 2012), Clawbber (October/November 2012), Arkannis (December 2012/January 2013), Beastor-9 (First Quarter 2013), Valkyrie (Second Quarter 2013), Durge (Second Quarter 2013) and Maxxor (Third Quarter 2013). The eighth "Build-A-Figure" character will be Dekay, who you will need to buy one copy of the previous seven Wave 1 figures in order to construct.

If Barker offered a pre-order for the whole series, I'm confident that I'd be first in line for that one. Sounds like quite the undertaking, but the results are sure to be fantastic! You can keep up-to-date with this project by watching the Warlords of Wor! production blog.

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