"Dragons" customs show with Cris Rose, DMS, Squink, Stuart Witter and more!

We've already reviewed several of the pieces for the upcoming "Dragons" charity group show, which requested that customizers make a dragon-themed 4-inch Kracka Munny piece. The event will feature 50 pieces by 49 artists: A Little Stranger, Alto, Blue-Frog (who contributed two pieces), Cheo, Cris Rose, David Stevenson, DMS & Neese, Dr Barbados, Emily Bee, Fark-Fk, Felt Mistress, Flatties, Graffiti Life, Hoakser, Inkbotz, Jim Freckingham, Jonathan E, Jon-Paul Kaiser, KeziArt, Lex, Lisa Rae Hansen, Lunabee, MAp-MAp, Mark James, Mark Treharne, Matt JOnes, Mike Strick, Mimic, Michal Miszta, Mr Lister, Pete Fowler, PJ Constable, Planet Domu, Run DMB, Sneaky Raccoon, Squink (pictured above), Stae, Stu Witter, Taylored Curiosities, TMH, Triclops Studios, UME Toys, Uncle Absinthe, Zombiekel, Zro Toys, and Zukaty.

Most of the works are available for preview HERE and, more importantly, prices are listed. All the customs in the show will be for sale — with all proceeds being donated to DiabetesUK — on August 18th from 10AM to 1PM EST at The SHO Gallery, The Coach House, 1A Inverness Place, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 4RU, UK. The gallery can be contacted by phone (011 44 29 20 485334) during those hours to place orders for pieces with a credit card as well.

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