Jeremiah Ketner's "The Flight of Francis" for Scott Tolleson's Nosellots tribute show!

"The Flight of Francis" painting reinterprets the classic Scott Tolleson created Nosellots character as a truly flighty sort… and while his iconic thick-rim glasses are a must, the hints of argyle background is proper nod from artist Jermiah Ketner to the man who inspired the work.

Currently on exhibit at the "Nosellots Super Show Shindig," which runs through September 9th, 2012 at the Screaming Sky Gallery, 1416 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211.
Participating artists include: A Little Stranger, Abe Lincoln Jr., Ajee, Andy Linke, Angry Woebots, Ayleen Gaspar, Brandon Griffith, Dana Lechtenberg, DrilOne, Frank Mysterio, Galen McKamy, George Gaspar, Jay222, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon Knox, J★RYU, Julie West, kaNO, Karen Hsiao, Leecifer, Lil'Japan, Luke Chueh, Michelle Coffee, Mike Egan, Nathan Hamill, Oliver Hibert, Scott Tolleson, and valleyDweller.

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