fplus's "Death is Infinite" playset for Ferg's Squadts!

As someone customizing a Squadt, it must be a dream to make platform creator Ferg exclaim "Holy shit!"… but then, on top of that, to have innovative customizer Mikie Graham call your work "truly 'next level' customizing" and have luminary Frank Kozik proclaim a piece "absolutely INSANE," that's got to make your whole year! Such is the case for Josh "fplus" Pearce, whose above pictured 'playset' is receiving all the "oohs" and "aahs" it so richly deserves.

Entitled "Death is Infinite," this massive one-and-a-half foot by two foot customized display took several months of labor-intensive work for one truly lucky collector who commissioned this piece. Portraying a scene from fictional "Cemetary of the Ghonne," the knight Squadt on the left — nicknamed "The Stag" — looks on in horror as "The Demon" TroubleBoy rasises the dead. The stained glass on the back shows off a Misfortune Cat and a Sqube, while two statues of Young Gohsts stand on pedestals beside it… in fact, the statue on the left has magnetic contacts in the bottom which, when lined up properly, cause 8 LED lights behind the stained glass to illuminate.

A customizer like Pearce is wonderful to watch evolve, because he constantly strives to push himself beyond what he has previously done. And while it was a very time consuming piece, he loved creating and encourages anyone interested in commissioning something similar to contact him!
You can view even more pictures of this wonderful piece as well as the intricate fictional backstory on Pearce's website HERE and he even has a lengthy "making of" post on the Collect & Destroy forum HERE.

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