Kronk x Kidrobot - Dweezil Dragon

Check this out!!!! Kidrobot just announced a brand new figure from South African based artist Kronk... and hot damn is this piece crazy looking! Titled "Dweezil Dragon", it is surely a breakaway figure from both Kidrobot and Kronk... and it's really cool to see both artist and company taking chances to produce such a robust figure. That being said, this new piece is MASSIVE... a whopping 15" tall, and it comes stacked! Sporting a top hat, heart boxers, a skull hookah and a seriously stylistic approach, he will be available in both "Regular" and "Red" editions, both of which are limited to 300 pieces each!Now here's the kicker... they are retailing for $350 a pop... a pretty penny, and hopefully this move pans out for both KR and Kronk. It's a massive piece of vinyl and it appears to command some serious space... but will you find room in your collection? They will be up for grabs starting August 23 at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers worldwide. So tell me... are you gonna snag one? What are your thoughts?

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