Artmymind's mystery custom release continues to be teased!

The concept of an informational scavenger hunt about a release completely intrigues me… obviously, one must can about the release beforehand, but when it's something by Artmymind — who continue to push themselves as customizers and are rewarded by one of the quickest growing fanbases around — then you kinda have to take notice. Since we originally announced this teaser hunt, the duo have issued forth the pictures above and below as well as the following quote (reproduced verbatim): “The day darkness will rise once again stronger than ever, our world will endure it’s most desperate times. But on the edge of extinction, an opposite force will appear and in an apocalyptic battle, face the thousand fangs.” These tidbits were mainly gleamed from their Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr blog and Flickr feed, but let's not forget that they have a Google+ account and a Bēhance project folder as well… While we're all expecting that the piece will be available in their normal online shop at the 10PM PDT release date tonight (August 21st, 2012), I'm not sure we can take anything for granted with this one…

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