LozBoz does more absolutely adorable axolotl-inspired custom Labbits!

You may recall the axolotl-inspired custom Labbit that The LozBoz created, entitled Puffkins, a while back; based on a 5-inch Labbit platform, people went nuts for the adorable, bubble-blowing beauty. In order to try and satisfy the many fans who missed out — since the original sold in approximately one second — The Haus of Boz is proud to issue a series of the gorgeous design in various colorways: the blue-based Dribbles, who can't seem to make a bubble (poor guy); the tangy orange Professor Marmalade, who has a degree in bubble-blowing; the strangely unnamed and unavailable lime green fellow; the bubble gum pink Twinkle Pinkle, a cutie who giggles quite a bit we're told; and the mud-lovin' Pugh, who can blow a clean bubble no matter how dirty he gets!

The four available Axolabbits will be sold in 15 minute intervals starting at 12 Noon PST through 1PM PST on August 22nd, 2012 at The LozBoz's online shop. Each one costs £79.99 (approx. $125) apiece.

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