Peter Kato's new Two-Toned resin kaiju editions!

Peter Kato swigs into action, making some new editions of his Turtle Tetsujin and FrightBite kaiju creations… and these "Two-Toned Metal-Fusion" figures are double cast (in two different clear resins) and then painted with metallic colors! On the left, we can see the "Blue-Orange Turtle-Tetsujin" with that wonderful "Little Pea" character on each of their bellies. According to Kato, "this figure shows how Turtle Tetsujin's anger is rising and is changing from his cool blue nature to a hot orange 'mad' state. Little Pea doesn't approve of the Turtle Tetsujin acting out in anger, so this piece is representing that relationship between the two." I see what he's saying, but what matters more is that it is a really cool looking piece… though there are only six of them, so that's gonna be a tough one to snag before it sells out. And on the right we can glimpse the "BlueStreak FrightBites," limited to only 8 pieces, which uses two tones of clear blue resin to create a depth effect. Both figures will be released on Thursday, June 14th at 6PM EST in Kato's online store, with the Turtle Tetsujin costing $20 each and the FrightBites going for $15 each.

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