Dr. Befa's "Los Reyes de Nada" custom Dunny for Most Wanted revealed!

Well, I feel rather silly now… somehow we forgot to reveal Dr. Befa's custom design for the Most Wanted Series 3 blind boxed set. We teased about it here, but never did a full reveal. As originally hypothesized, his piece is entitled "Los Reyes de Nada" as the artist card from the series (above right) confirms, which translates from Spanish to "The Kings of Nothing." Each figure comes not only with a tiny crown accessory but also a scepter that appears to have a spray paint can cap topper! Very interesting. Personally, I really like the angel and devil smiley faces on the ears…

Most Wanted Series 3 will be mainly released today (Saturday, June 30th) at 12 Noon PST through the Most Wanted web shop. Each blind box will cost $98 plus shipping and include a custom 3" Dunny by either Chauskoskis, Dr. Befa, Eric Pause/Pause Designs, Frank Mysterio, Gomi, Grimsheep, Igor Ventura, Kevin Gosselin, Luihz Unreal (pictured above), Matucha, MAp-MAp, NEVERCREW, Nikejerk, RunDMB, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Sergio Mancini, or Tim Munz. Plus there will also be a Golden Ticket custom and a Silver Ticket custom for two lucky buyers.

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