Huck Gee likes turtles…

Huck Gee has been posting a serious of pictures on his Twitter feed with the mysterious tagline: "I like turtles." As you can see in the above pictures, he's crafted some custom turtle shells and a lot of leather pouches. I wonder what the two would look like together…
Oh, they'd look pretty damn cool! It looks like Gee might be preparing us for a series of customs with a turtle theme. Notable elements I can spot are: the little red bird on the upper left corner of the shell, the single wooden wheel affixed to the bottom, what appears to be an upwards arrow directly underneath the bedroll, and some sort of protrusion at the very top… My guess, and it's only a guess, is that a copter propellor will attach to the top and — while this could be a member of the Hotaru Flying Squad — I'm thinking this might be one of the "preposterous flying experiments" that Whiskers the Wizard undertook during The Three Wars.

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