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Fuller's custom Munny as Samara from The Ring movies!

Fuller, like me, is a big fan of horror movies. And, also like me, he has a fondness for The Ring franchise. I remember, back before the American remake, watching the Japanese films and the wonderful Korean remake… and trying to track down copies of the TV show (with subtitles). But let's face it, Samara (the spooky supernatural girl in the franchise) isn't really that scary looking… she looks like a wet emo or goth gal; what makes her frightening is her jerky movements and unexpected appearances (crawling out of a television set being the most memorable)… and that's where I fear Fuller's custom fails.

He did a spot on job recreating the static look of Samara, no arguments there, but she fails to instill horror. This 4" Munny needed a bit of the unexpected, something being off-kilter. Perhaps if she had been sculpted to be in a slightly contorted state… nothing too obviously, but something that made the viewer feel a tad uneasy without realizing it. 'Tis a difficult thing to accomplish and I certainly applaud Fuller for trying. The Samara 4" Munny is available in Fuller's web shop for $125.

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