Complete Artist list for Most Wanted: Behind The Hype show at 1AM Gallery!

Here it is… the HUGE "Most Wanted: Behind The Hype" announcement you've been waiting for, the one that clearly states all the artists that will be in the group show opening on May 11th (6:30-9:30PM) and running through June 10th at the 1AM Gallery (1000 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103). Are you ready? RunDMB, Tim Munz, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Ardabus Rubber, JC Rivera, Grimsheep, Nikejerk, Artmymind, Gomi, Rsinart, Lickyourelbow, Pause, Chauskoskis, Uncle, Ian Ziobrowski, Matucha, Dr Befa, Chica Terremoto, Igor Ventura, Sergio Mancini, Luihz Unreal, Nevercrew, Hugh Rose, Carson Catlin, ClarkR, Muffinman, Lily Black, Me Smithy, Bubo, and Chris Moore!
Whew! With that much talent in one room, is the world going to end or something? While most of the work being displayed will be brand new, we've been told that there will be a couple of greatest hit pieces from a few of these fantastic artists careers as well. Oh… and before I forget, Pause have created their very first art print for the show:
This 23" x 18" print will be made in a limited edition of 20 copies specifically for the show and will never be reprinted again. Hand silk-screened onto light gray 100lbs. cotton paper, it features navy and blue inks with metallic gold accents. Each copy will be signed, numbered and bear an embossed Pause logo in bottom corner. Price isn't determined yet, but these will be first come first served.
And while you have to be there in person to grab one of the prints, the gallery will be selling the customs simultaneously online and in-store starting opening night! So start saving, kids… it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you're gonna want something from this show.

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