Huck Gee's "Copter Boy" custom Munny available now!

Long before there was the now legendary Hotaru Copter Squad there was simply "Copter Boy" who, with his sister's help, introduced a revolutionary and last minute innovation that turned out to be pivotal in the battle for Mount Shirokuri. The siblings, strapped into their magical, flying contraptions, rained fire down on the enemy, spreading fear and breaking ranks wherever they flew. The tale of Whiskers the Wizard's bumbling stablehands and their preposterous flying experiments turning the tide of that battle is an unbelievable yet jovial chapter in the history of The Three Wars.
This brand new Huck Gee custom, entitled Hotaru Copter Squad "Copter Boy," looks wonderful. His copter pack and goggle accessories are amazing, and the inclusion of some fireworks and the little bird on top are just beautiful. This figure is signed, numbered, comes with all shown accessories, is limited to only 10 pieces, costs $875, and is available now. Interested parties should e-mail sales [at] huckgee [dot] com ASAP to reserve a figure and arrange payment.

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