Tessar Lo x darkmatters's "don't say, dansé" cement sculptures.

For Tessar Lo's upcoming solo exhibit "past, present, past-present" at the Cooper Cole Gallery (from March 30th until April 22nd), Lo has incorporated sculptures and sculptural elements into his traditional painted form. To celebrate this new direction, he worked with darkmatters to produce an extremely limited run of "don't say, dansé" figures (modeled off of Lo's original sculptural piece).
Made in an edition of only 25 numbered copies, this figure is cast in gypsum concrete to replicate the look and feel of a 'regular' sculpture as closely as possible. For that, I give darkmatters a lot of credit; it's a truly inspired idea of how to make a designer figure that duplicates as a traditional form of art. But Lo's base design is just too simple for my taste, any impact a full-scale version would have is lost in this diminutive form. And even with the addition of a two-color screen printed box by Leah Ataide as well as a handmade certificate of authenticity, the asking price HERE of $200CAD (approx. the same in US Dollars) seems excessively high.

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