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Clump-o-Lumps are plush toys for twisted & imaginative kids!

While I do understand that these plush toys are meant for kids, I know they feed just perfectly into my own sense of morbid humor and love of interchangeable elements in toys… Meet the Clump-o-Lumps, a zipper-based modular designs which allows one to separate each creature into head, body and legs elements as well as mix-and-match. Here, you can see it in action here (and I'm sorry about the music in advance):
Each Clump-o-Lump is around 2-feet-tall (most are well over) and is made out of polyester fleece with plastic eyes and a plastic zipper (metal zipper pull though). There are various designs in the current family: tiger, frog, shark, bee, squid and bird. Clump-o-Lumps will run you $25 a piece, but what's the point of getting just one?

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