Alexbreak's "Moodees Friendlees" custom Qee for the So So Happy x Toy2r Show!

We all know the famous line from Star Wars, where Admiral Ackbar proclaims "It's a trap!" To me, doing a custom in a split view — or Two-Face-esqe — manner has always been the toy customizer's trap, since it is such a deceptively easy concept but oh-so-hard to make look completely correct. For his piece from the upcoming So So Happy x Toy2r touring custom Qee group show, Alexbreak takes a mighty fine stab at a split view character… but, like many before him, the line down the middle is just too clear to ignore. This is a Yin-Yang hybridization idea, that So So Happy's vision of Friendlees and Moodees are diametric opposites… each required to define the other, while also balancing out the affects of the other. I love a lot of the little touches, like how cloud on the back of the head looks — especially showing the source of the rain on either side — and the flowers on the front legs. Even how the 8" Bunny Qee ears were used, with the tiny ears painted inside and the remainder being… well… frighteningly cute. But, at the end of the day, there is a big ol' line down the middle; sorry, no matter how strong the rest is that's always going to bother me.

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