Art Attack Toys x MAD x Pobber Toys - Exclusive "Dr. Morkenstein" Mork colorway

Well look what we have here... another new exclusive Mork figure from MAD and Pobber Toys, and this go around it belongs to the folks over at Art Attack Toys... which by the way is their first exclusive colorway!!!

Titled "Dr. Morkenstein" this colorway features an all black paint scheme with a midnight black star designs on the body, the word ‘BEWARE’ on the back of the helmet, and a radioactive sign on the hands with the word ‘DANGER’ on the cuffs... SWEET!!! Limited to only 50 pieces he will be sold exclusively at Art Attack Toys for $79.95 and is set to release on April Fool’s Day (April 1, 2012). Congrats on your first exclusive guys... it's a great one!

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