"Vinyl Thoughts 2" artist list announced...

Are you curious who will be showing their incredible artwork at the Vinyl Thoughts show in Dallas? Well wonder no more. Here is a full list of those who will be participating: Cody Phillips, Jeru Gabriel, Jason Chalker, Motorbot, Scott Kinnebrew, Paul Simon, Jeremy D. Stephens/Tammy Grove, Denise Vasquez, Halo Seraphim, Monsterbot, Sleepy Dan, Khalid Robertson, Joe Skillz, Hallie and Chris Garcia, Johnny Tieu, Karolina Phillips, William Sanders, NREAZON, Shell Meggersee-Briggs, Ashley Jones, Jesus Zamora, David Yubeta, Richard Patterson, Anvikit (Annie Harris), Nvade (Steve Cipriano), Kari Lake, Brad Albright, Matt Orwig, Sam Lowery, RSIN ART and Nerviswr3k.

Wow my hands are tired after typing all of those names but that is a pretty incredible list of artists! I think this show will be awesome... and just check out that custom Mario done up by Rsin... RAD!!! The Vinyl Thoughts art show opens March, 15th. If you would like more information on the show please click HERE, or first crack at the shows exclusive merchandise please click HERE!

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