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Lunabee & Cris Rose team-up again for Robobees Series 3!

What do you get when you merge the delicate craftsmanship of Cris Rose's sculpting ability with the über-crisp custom paint jobs of Lunabee? Yup, it's time for another Robobees series. A mutated variation of Rose's classic Sprog platform, the Robobee is — as the name implies — a robotic bee; Rose brings the mechanical design to the sculpt and then Lunabee imbues it with her warm-hearted designs. This will be the third time the duo have visited this idea (the above shown Robobees are from Series 1), but their creativity and originality keep the concept fresh and lively. Based on the original two sets, these will be 3" tall hand-cast resin models and there will probably only be six of them. Rose has completed the casts and Lunabee is currently painting the new figures. No firm drop date or price point has been set, but they will most likely appear in Lunabee's web shop (http://lunabee.bigcartel.com/) in the near future.

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